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How to invest at Corex

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Cryptocurrency & Forex Trading
at a whole NEW level.

Welcome to the Corex platform where you can profit from the cryptocurrency and forex market. We are a team of trading specialists and our goal is to create a secure profit system. We invest both in fiat money and cryptocurrencies. With our setup we can make a profit of a few percent a day. Let us guide you through the world of trading. It's a honor to welcome you at Corex.

Your opportunities

Your oppurtunities with Corex


The platform automatically increases your amount of tokens depending on how big your balance is. You can see the exact percentages in the table in our Whitepaper. The more you hold, the more you earn. Staking begins once you keep your COREX coins in your special wallet, meaning that you generate interest on your COREX coins. It happens in the background, that means you do not have to keep your laptop running.

  • Earn tokens automatically


Lending means to invest your own COREX coins or Bitcoins to get a daily return. This option is perfect for passive investors. You can see the guaranteed profits on the table in our Whitepaper. The maximum interest rate is 49% per month. This investment allows you to profit from our 3-Way trading concept. The capital is stored for a certain amount of time, which allows a better cash flow. You will receive your capital and your profits back after 53 to 186 days, depending on which package you have selected.

  • Guaranteed profits of max. 49% per month


You can earn additional COREX coins with our affiliate program. The Corex affiliate program is designed to give you 4 lucrative levels to earn additional commission. Starting with 7% commission of the whole investment of your direct recommendations (Tier 1) down to 1% for investments on the fourth level (Tier 4).

  • 7% commission on the investment of Level 1
  • 4% commission on the investment of Level 2
  • 2% commission on the investment of Level 3
  • 1% commission on the investment of Level 4

Token Distribution

Pre-Sale 8% 2 Mio. COREX
Sale 56% 14 Mio. COREX
Dev. Team & Founders 11% 2,75 Mio. COREX
Marketing 11% 2,75 Mio. COREX
Affiliate program 10% 2,5 Mio. COREX
Reserved coins 4% 1 Mio. COREX

For more information about our Token Distribution and the token specifcation check out our Whitepaper.

Token Distribution


June 2017

Forming the team and starting the development of Corex

August 2017

Concept of the infrastructure & development of the 3-Way concept

September 2017

Successfully tested the 3-Way concept

February 2018

Launch of the official Corex website

February 2018

Development of the internal exchange and lending platform

March 2018


April 2018

Start of the internal exchange and lending

April 2018

iOS & Android Application,
external exchange

May 2018

Corex safety stick,
expanding internationally


Wallet Application

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will the payment system work?
Coinpayments is our partner company. The entire payment transactions are regulated by Coinpayments.
When does the first sale start?
The first sale is the Pre-Sale. It starts on the 8th of March.
What payment methods are available in ICO?
BTC & ETH – Our partner company is Coinpayments.
What is the minimum and maximum investing?
minimum: 20$, maximum: 7,000$ (certain limit for large scale investors)
Why should I invest in Corex?
An investment in Corex includes risks, but the chances of making profit are definitely higher. Cryptocurrencies have reached an annualized average increase of 3,180% in one year. We are a motivated, experienced young team that always gives 100% to make our vision come true. For the team Corex it was important to create the project as transparent as possible in order to give our customers an insight into our work.
Is the Corex concept a safe investment?
The entire project is based on various market rates. Thus we cannot speak of a safe investment.
We are not dependent on the cryptocurrency market! Our versatile knowledge is a tremendous advantage. You can't say that lending is 100% safe but our team consists of top qualified traders with lots of experience which makes it quite safe.
Advertise for Corex?
We have our own marketing campaigns. Please contact us at: